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Let’s Play Windwaker part 28: The End

On the final Let’s Play Windwaker the climb to Ganondorf is high, a strange lack of a bridge to at platform, a small beatdown, rare appearances of the full Triforce, Ganondorf belongs to a secret organisation from another game, the most violent ending in Zelda history, the promised playthrough of the cave of outset, and an announcement on the future schedule of Let’s Plays on the network.

Let’s Play Windwaker part 23: Kamikaze Seagull

On this Let’s Play the search for the triforce continues, map confusion, an island gets the boys attention and then totally looses it, the confusion gets cleared up, an island frustrates Jacob then promptly makes him happy again, the problem with different controls for different games is discussed, Dragonball Z randomly comes up, the teacher on Windfall has a fantastic pay grade, Tingle makes sharks vanish, and Jabuns island makes for a good hiding spot!

Let’s Play Windwaker part 21: Great Minds

Editors Note: There is a slight delay in audio that happens sometimes with our hardware in this one. Apologies for the problem.

On this Let’s Play, Samuel gets to run a gauntlet of fights to pull his weight, a more efficient way to find the triforce is discussed, debts worse than Tingle, why the swift sail rocks thanks to a viewer, a girl is up to no good, The Killer Bees are taken down a peg, Samuel refuses to shoot kids, headbutting trees can help with things, and the northern fairy has no accent.