About the Hosts

Samuel Lewis


Founded The Samcast Network on April 6, 2010 by creating the first show Samcast that started out as just himself before one episode about Doctor Who would change it all up. Since then he has let friends and family into the network and made it larger than he ever dreamed while sharing his passion for geek culture, God, Magic,Doctor Who, and all things tech to the world.

 Expertise: Magic, Pop Culture, Minecraft, Doctor Who, Forgetting what he’s going to say

Jacob Carpenter


The only member of the first Samcast crew to still be on the network, Jacob rose to all star status on IGN.com with his ability to edit wikis and write insightful articles on gaming like no ones business. The resident math expert (after all he does have a degree in it) anytime a question of math comes into play he’s on it along with being able to playthrough a game quicker than anyone else on the crew. While no longer passionate about doing podcasting anymore he has started his own platform called More XP over at https://www.facebook.com/GetMoreXP/?fref=ts and still makes posts about gaming content there!

Expertise: Gaming, Math, Throwing Samuel Off

Kevin Draper


The History nut of the network, Kevin constantly makes sure that if something historical is brought up that it is accurate and he will fight to the death to keep it that way! Being a father of a little girl also gives him insight on some stories that the other Samcast regulars may not take into consideration. He can also eat fire..just though you might wanna know…

 Expertise: History, Politics, Canceled television shows, Fire Eating

Sue Lewis


The motherly figure of the network, (since she is literally Samuel’s mother) Sue always looks at the lighter side of things and give the perspective outside of geek culture to help bridge the gap between geeks and the rest of the world, as well as has a passion for God that comes up anytime the topic is mentioned while still doing it with love and understanding, as well as being the lead singer for the christian rock group Deliverance.

 Expertise: Music, Biblical principles, Translating geek to normal

Danny Lewis


The Sound expert of the network, Danny has opinions and is not afraid to give them to anyone that will listen when it comes to sound, God, and anything else that he thinks about. He makes sure never to waste a breath even if it takes a while to make his point by the end he will have explained something thoroughly without question for those that can keep up. Danny is also the lead guitarist of Deliverance as well as Samuel’s dad and Sue’s husband.

 Expertise: Sound, Biblical Principles, Music, Not having time for this geeky stuff..

                                                       Donovan Adkisson

                                                       GDA_Apr82k12-600x600The southern rebel of the network, He became friends with Samuel and even did a podcast with him on his own network at Adkisson Digital . Now he sometimes joins the network to give his expertise in the tech industry to give more insight into some stories that the other members don’t have experience with, to review something with Samuel, as well as sometimes being the one bold enough to say something when the other members wouldn’t touch it with a nine and a half foot pole!

Expertise: Technology, Star Trek, Actor histories in science fiction, Not being afraid to voice his opinion!

Shane Richardson and Michael Mays

Shane And Michael

The Minecraft experts of TSCN, both of them have been playing the game for far longer than the rest of the crew making them perfect to lead Samuel to milestones in the game that he has no idea about and to places that he really doesn’t want to know about.

Expertese: Minecraft, Pop culture, Obscure television shows, Arguing over diamonds

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